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Star Wars Movies from best to worst

Hello Again! In this page, you will see my star wars movies best to worst.

1.Revenge Of The Sith

because it has a lot of epic battles and has my favourite characters in it!

2.Rise of skywalker.

Because the last battle (Rey vs palpatine) is really good.

3.Empire Strikes Back.

Because Luke loses his hand and screams.

4. Attack Of The Clones.

because Jango Fett (The Idiot) dies.

5.Return Of The Jedi,

Because the jabba palace fight is really good.

6.A New Hope.

Graphics are trash (But it was made in 1977) but story line is really good.

7.The Phantom Menace

I love the 20 minute pod race.

8.The last Jedi

Snoke gets his body chopped off.

9.The Force Awakens

I hate it. First one i EVER watched.TRASH